What is it? The Indigo's New Name Collection.


Most recent update: Saturday, December 18, 2004 at 12:03 AM

Current Collection

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$215 / $200

...with 7 days left until Christmas.

Tonight's Update: Geez, I'm so sorry I took this long to update the count. It was a complicated week. Good news, though: we've broken the two-hundred-dollar mark! [info]bzarcher and [info]thewinteroak have pushed the total up to $215! *grin* Just one week left until Christmas; I can hardly wait to send this all to Indigo! Here's the message I think I'm going to include with the PayPal send:

A Christmas gift from sixteen friends, acquaintances, and people who care, for the purpose of legally changing your name, as well as anything else you wish to set it toward. Merry Christmas.

Monday's Update: Hm, seems the donations have slowed down; nothing new has happened in the past few days. I'm going to try to think of some other places to contact people. If anyone reading has any suggestions, please don't hesitate to contact me.


So... what is this, exactly?

Didn't you read the title? It's the Indigo's New --

-- Name Collection, yeah, I know. But what does that mean?

I'm taking up a collection to get Indigo Skynet enough money to have her name legally changed. She's not fond of her given name (and that's putting it a bit lightly). I recently had the following exchange with her on her LiveJournal here:

[info]shaycaron: Incidentally, how much does it cost to change your name?
[info]indigoskynet: It varies by the state. In GA, you have to take out an ad in the paper announcing your intent and then you have to go to court. Last time I checked it was in the neighborhood of $125 all said and done.
[info]shaycaron: *whistle* I was guessing more in the range of $40 or $50ish. No wonder you haven't done it yet.

If the cost had been low enough, I'd been thinking of sending her the money as a Christmas present. $125, though, not exactly in my range. But then I thought: y'know, Shay, there are a lot of people online who like Indigo (and deservedly so). Maybe each person can only afford a couple bucks, but altogether...

And so this project was born.

And why are you doing this?

Well, for two reasons, actually. 1) Because I like Indigo. She's a real sweetheart, a terrific artist, and a lot of crap seems to happen to her that she doesn't deserve. 2) To see if I can. I've never done anything like this before, and I'd like to find out if I can manage it. It's a challenge and a good deed in one. ^_^

How long will you be collecting?

Right up until Christmas morning! I'll probably make the final count on the 24th right before I go to sleep, but I'll wait until morning to send, in case anyone has last-minute donations.

Does Indigo know about this?

Absolutely not! I want to surprise her! Please don't let her get wind of this until the collection's complete and I've sent it her way.

Does (such-and-so-a-person) know about this?

I'm sending e-mails all over asking for assistance, but I don't doubt there're a lot of people I'll miss. If there's anyone you know who might be interested, please send this page their way!

Why are you aiming for $200? / What if we don't hit $200? / What if we go over $200?

$200 is a generous estimate. It came to about $125 when Indigo last checked, but that seems to have been some time ago. [info]godai found a Cobb County governmental page indicating the price is more like $145 now. $200 will give her some space for anything unexpected.

But no matter what the final total is, I'm going to send it on to Indigo. If it turns out to be not enough for the name change, she can save it or use it for something else. Well, that won't be a problem, now, will it? ^_^ She can keep the extra and get herself something nice.

I don't really have much money to spare...

Don't worry! Even a single dollar will help. I'm sending this to a lot of people, so if everyone just helps a tiny bit, we'll make it to the top in no time!

No, I mean I don't really have any money to spare...

Well, that's all right too. Even if you can't spare any money, the thought is definitely appreciated. And you can still help, if you want, by showing this page to anyone you think would like to participate.

How do I know you're not gonna keep the money and run?

I'm not the type to do something like that! Although it is a fair question. Still, if anything does happen, you've got my e-mail address and my real name (Shay Alexander Caron). What am I going to do, drop all my previous methods of online communication? I think not.

Aren't you going to put any money in?

Of course! That $20 we're starting with? Mine, baby. Once Christmas rolls around, I'll put $20 from my account into PayPal before sending everything to Indigo.

Isn't this whole setup a little... amateurish?

Hey, what do you expect? This is the first time I've ever tried to raise money for a cause. And it's pretty close to Christmas, so I've not got a lot of time to set this up.

Okay, I'm sold! How do I send you the money?

PayPal! Under "Send Money", the Recipient's Email is shay@forresterlabs.com. Put in the amount you want to send, choose "U.S. Dollars", "Service" (which is the closest choice, I think), and send! Oh, if you want me to credit you, put a little note in the Note field to let me know who you are (like your LJ user name or something).

Won't PayPal take fees from the money I send you?

Well, yes. But the fees are pretty small, so it's not a big deal.

And if I don't use PayPal?

Um... you could, er, mail me a check, maybe. But who knows if it would get to me in time. That's probably not a viable option. If you have any better ideas, do suggest them. ^_^()

Any other questions? Just e-mail me and I'll answer as promptly as possible!