[Shay speaks]

I'd write a sonnet for this speech bubble, but it wouldn't really fit in the space. So just enjoy my single award-winning sonnet. No, seriously, I won $50 with this poem back in high school.



Sonnet #47,001

Were I to try my hand at poetry --
A very pleasant way to pass the time --
I know that I would be a prodigy,
A master of the rhythm and the rhyme.

The words would flow like liquid from my pen,
And metaphors and similes would too.
I'd write to rival Shakespeare's works, and then
I would be hailed as something fresh and new.

Any and every poetry award!
They would be more or less already mine.
They'd hail me as a Poem-Writing Lord;
They'd bow down to my Poem-Writing Shrine.

Yes, I could be the best poet, no doubt --
If I could find something to write about.

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