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Dude, it's an online superhero RPG. Of course I play it! City of Heroes was, for a long time, the only graphical MMORPG I'd ever subscribed to, and it remains my favorite. Want to fight evil with me? Look for "@ShayCaron" or seek out the heroes below.



Name L Origin Archetype Powers Quote
The  City Protector 27 Technology Scrapper MA/Regen "If you think you can handle the pain, come at me."
Shugotenshi 8 Magic Scrapper Katana/Reflex "These people are under my protection. I won't let you hurt them again!"
The  Dark Firebird 6 Magic Tanker Fire/Fire none
The  Punishing Light 6 Magic Blaster Energy/Energy "You had your chance. I'll tear you all to shreds!"
Tenebrosus 6 Magic Tanker Inv/Mace "I apologize, but for the good of the city, I must crush you."
Quincy Archer 5 Natural Defender Arrow/Arrow none
Gaia's Voice 4 Natural Controller Earth/Storm "Your greed has perverted you. Let us open your eyes."
The  Human Human 4 Natural Blaster Rifle/Device "Best not underestimate me, pal."
The  Green Electron 3 Science Defender Rad/Rad "Don't make me use these hands! You won't like it."
The  Loose Cable 3 Mutation Blaster Elec/Elec "Y'all ready for a shock?"
The  Center of Gravity 2 Mutation Controller Grav/Kinetic none
Schroedinger's Cat 2 Natural Scrapper Claw/Reflex none

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Name L Origin Archetype Powers Quote
Chaos Captain 3 Technology Mastermind Robot/Traps none
Dr. Bushroot 2 Science Dominator / none

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Server List

On Champion, Shay plays:
Quincy Archer
On Freedom, Shay plays:
The Dark Firebird
On Guardian, Shay plays:
Gaia's Voice
On Infinity, Shay plays:
The Center of Gravity
Dr. Bushroot
On Justice, Shay plays:
On Liberty, Shay plays:
Schroedinger's Cat
On Pinnacle, Shay plays:
The Punishing Light
On Protector, Shay plays:
On Triumph, Shay plays:
The Loose Cable
On Victory, Shay plays:
The Human Human
On Virtue, Shay plays:
Chaos Captain
The City Protector
The Green Electron

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On the hero side, Shay has 3 Blasters, 2 Controllers, 2 Defenders, 3 Scrappers, 2 Tankers, no Peacebringers, and no Warshades.

On the villain side, Shay has no Brutes, no Corruptors, 1 Dominator, 1 Mastermind, and no Stalkers.

Shay has 4 Magic characters, 2 Mutation characters, 4 Natural characters, 2 Science characters, and 2 Technology characters.

1 character has Flight powers, 1 character has Leaping powers, no characters have Speed powers, and 2 characters have Teleportation powers.

And finally, Shay has 9 males, 4 females, and Tenebrosus.

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