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Date Title
2005-11-15 Involving Nature in Your Novel [on LiveJournal]
2005-11-09 Moments of Great Social Change [on LiveJournal]
2005-11-05 Exiles and Expatriates [on LiveJournal]
2005-11-01 Ten Great Things about Non-Tragic Fantasy [on LiveJournal]
2005-10-29 Espionage and Spies [on LiveJournal]
2005-10-25 Things Limyaael Thinks Would Be Cool, Mark 4 [on LiveJournal]
2005-10-22 Twins [on LiveJournal]
2005-10-19 Pacifists/"Cowards"/Non-Fighters [on LiveJournal]
2005-10-17 Older (25-up) Protagonists [on LiveJournal]
2005-10-14 Things That Really Irritate Limyaael [on LiveJournal]
2005-10-12 Reluctant Heroes [on LiveJournal]
2005-10-10 Likeable Bastard Characters [on LiveJournal]
2005-10-08 Keeping Static Worlds Plausible [on LiveJournal]
2005-10-06 Creating Languages, Part 4: Worldbuilding [on LiveJournal]
2005-10-03 Creating Languages, Part 3: Nouns, Pronouns [on LiveJournal]
2005-09-28 Creating Languages, Part 2: More Basics, Verbs [on LiveJournal]
2005-09-24 Creating Languages, Part 1: Basics, Phonology [on LiveJournal]
2005-09-19 Alternate/Other Worlds [on LiveJournal]
2005-09-14 Neutral Characters [on LiveJournal]
2005-09-12 Juxtaposed Worlds [on LiveJournal]
2005-09-09 Mute and Non-Speaking Characters [on LiveJournal]
2005-09-07 Non-Angsty Werewolves [on LiveJournal]
2005-09-05 Handling a Large Cast of Viewpoint Characters [on LiveJournal]
2005-09-04 Elemental Magic [on LiveJournal]
2005-09-03 Putting Yourself in the Story (But Not Obviously) [on LiveJournal]
2005-09-01 Magical Families [on LiveJournal]
2005-08-30 Making a Protagonist into a Hero [on LiveJournal]
2005-08-28 International Relationships [on LiveJournal]
2005-08-26 Propaganda [on LiveJournal]
2005-08-24 Beings of Extreme Power [on LiveJournal]
2005-08-22 Showing the Viewpoint Character as Incorrect [on LiveJournal]
2005-08-18 Idiot Plots and the Avoiding Thereof [on LiveJournal]
2005-08-10 Serious Optimism [on LiveJournal]
2005-08-07 Arranged Marriages [on LiveJournal]
2005-08-05 Nonhuman-centric Worlds [on LiveJournal]
2005-08-03 Taking Inspiration From Literature [on LiveJournal]
2005-08-01 Silence and Its Uses [on LiveJournal]
2005-07-30 Creating a Sense of the Forbidden [on LiveJournal]
2005-07-28 Keeping Magic Mystical [on LiveJournal]
2005-07-26 Duty-Bound Protagonists [on LiveJournal]
2005-07-24 Nobility of Spirit [on LiveJournal]
2005-07-22 Gradual Character Change [on LiveJournal]
2005-07-20 Convincing Loner Characters [on LiveJournal]
2005-07-18 Sociopathic Characters [on LiveJournal]
2005-07-15 Ten Ways to Alleviate Boredom [on LiveJournal]
2005-07-13 Creating a Sense of Inevitability [on LiveJournal]
2005-07-11 Revolutions and Civil Wars [on LiveJournal]
2005-07-09 Balancing Showing and Telling [on LiveJournal]
2005-07-07 Limitations on Magic [on LiveJournal]
2005-07-05 Political Fantasy [on LiveJournal]
2005-07-03 Deathbed Scenes and Last Moments [on LiveJournal]
2005-07-01 Things Limyaael Thinks Would Be Cool, Mark 3 [on LiveJournal]
2005-06-29 Friendships [on LiveJournal]
2005-06-27 Genius Characters [on LiveJournal]
2005-06-25 Stubborn But Not Annoying [on LiveJournal]
2005-06-23 Fantasy Without Villains [on LiveJournal]
2005-06-21 Ten Alternatives to Genetic Magic [on LiveJournal]
2005-06-19 Fantasy Without Magic [on LiveJournal]
2005-06-15 Adult Bildungsromans [on LiveJournal]
2005-06-13 Cities, Part 2 [on LiveJournal]
2005-06-10 Cities, Part 1 [on LiveJournal]
2005-06-08 Choosing Your Viewpoint Character [on LiveJournal]
2005-06-06 Worldbuilding Through Layering [on LiveJournal]
2005-06-04 Brutal Fantasy [on LiveJournal]
2005-06-03 Revelations and Surprise Endings [on LiveJournal]
2005-06-01 Fantasy Education, Part 2 [on LiveJournal]
2005-05-29 Magic Education [on LiveJournal]
2005-05-24 Training Fighters [on LiveJournal]
2005-05-22 Fantasy Education, Part 1 [on LiveJournal]
2005-05-19 Ten Alternatives to "Learning a Lesson" [on LiveJournal]
2005-05-17 Smooth Endings [on LiveJournal]
2005-05-15 Seasonal Variation [on LiveJournal]
2005-05-13 Empires, Part 2 [on LiveJournal]
2005-05-09 Empires, Part 1 [on LiveJournal]
2005-04-28 Things Limyaael Thinks Would Be Cool, Mark 2 [on LiveJournal]
2005-04-26 Distinct Minor Characters [on LiveJournal]
2005-04-22 In-Character in the Difficult Moments [on LiveJournal]
2005-04-18 Kickstarting the Plot [on LiveJournal]
2005-04-16 Interesting Heroines [on LiveJournal]
2005-04-13 Unequal Relationships [on LiveJournal]
2005-04-11 Designated Love Interests [on LiveJournal]
2005-04-08 Money and Currency [on LiveJournal]
2005-04-04 Navy Rant [on LiveJournal]
2005-04-02 Army Rant [on LiveJournal]
2005-03-29 Creating a Sense of Place [on LiveJournal]
2005-03-26 Likeable Characters [on LiveJournal]
2005-03-24 Single Combat Scenes [on LiveJournal]
2005-03-22 Fascinating Characters [on LiveJournal]
2005-03-20 Sensible Character Motivations [on LiveJournal]
2005-03-18 Authorial Nitpicking, Part 2 [on LiveJournal]
2005-03-17 Authorial Nitpicking, Part 1 [on LiveJournal]
2005-03-16 Interesting Villains [on LiveJournal]
2005-03-14 Fortune-Telling [on LiveJournal]
2005-03-13 Transformative Fantasy [on LiveJournal]
2005-03-12 Earning Hell [on LiveJournal]
2005-03-09 Balancing Cynicism [on LiveJournal]
2005-03-06 Interpersonal Speaking Styles [on LiveJournal]
2005-03-05 Handling Byzantine Plots [on LiveJournal]
2005-03-03 Psychic Powers [on LiveJournal]
2005-03-02 Non-Journey Stories [on LiveJournal]
2005-03-01 Standalone Novels [on LiveJournal]
2005-02-28 Gaining Reader Empathy [on LiveJournal]
2005-02-27 Putting Characters Through Hell [on LiveJournal]
2005-02-26 Non-Linear Narrative [on LiveJournal]
2005-02-24 Adult Characters [on LiveJournal]
2005-02-21 Maintaining Very Long Novels [on LiveJournal]
2005-02-19 Beginnings [on LiveJournal]
2005-02-17 Fleshing Out Secondary Characters [on LiveJournal]
2005-02-15 Transitions [on LiveJournal]
2005-02-14 World-Building Through Writing [on LiveJournal]
2005-02-11 Telling Drama from Melodrama [on LiveJournal]
2005-02-08 Greed and Money [on LiveJournal]
2005-02-07 Children Who Aren't Protagonists [on LiveJournal]
2005-02-05 Borderlands [on LiveJournal]
2005-02-03 In Praise of Selfish Characters [on LiveJournal]
2005-02-01 Bookish Protagonists [on LiveJournal]
2005-01-31 Active, Not Reactive, Protagonists [on LiveJournal]
2005-01-29 Less Represented Relationships [on LiveJournal]
2005-01-29 Things Limyaael Thinks Would Be Cool, Mark 1 [on LiveJournal]
2005-01-26 Fantasy Narrative Poetry [on LiveJournal]
2005-01-24 Music [on LiveJournal]
2005-01-21 Quiet Moments [on LiveJournal]
2005-01-19 Holidays and Festivals [on LiveJournal]
2005-01-16 Clothing [on LiveJournal]
2005-01-15 Gypsies and Nomads [on LiveJournal]
2005-01-14 Madness [on LiveJournal]
2005-01-13 Noble Sufferers [on LiveJournal]
2005-01-11 Self-Editing [on LiveJournal]
2005-01-08 Non-Standard Fantasy Societies [on LiveJournal]
2005-01-06 Inheritance [on LiveJournal]
2005-01-03 Explanation vs. Overexplanation [on LiveJournal]
2005-01-02 Creating Good Rulers [on LiveJournal]
2005-01-01 Marriage [on LiveJournal]
2004-12-28 Island Life [on LiveJournal]
2004-12-27 Fantasy Travel [on LiveJournal]
2004-12-26 Good Families [on LiveJournal]
2004-12-23 Antagonistic Families [on LiveJournal]
2004-12-20 Technology in Fantasy [on LiveJournal]
2004-12-19 Amnesia [on LiveJournal]
2004-12-17 Spunky Characters That Aren't Annoying [on LiveJournal]
2004-12-15 Feral Children [on LiveJournal]
2004-12-04 Slippery-Slope Plotting [on LiveJournal]
2004-11-30 Peacetime Plotting [on LiveJournal]
2004-11-27 Balancing Dialogue, Description, and Action [on LiveJournal]
2004-11-25 Non-Dark Lord Villains [on LiveJournal]
2004-11-22 Magical Objects [on LiveJournal]
2004-11-20 Short Stories [on LiveJournal]
2004-11-18 Introductions [on LiveJournal]
2004-11-13 Comic Relief [on LiveJournal]
2004-11-10 Demons [on LiveJournal]
2004-11-06 Robert Jordan and Terry Goodkind [on LiveJournal]
2004-11-04 Slavery [on LiveJournal]
2004-10-31 Ghosts [on LiveJournal]
2004-10-29 Necromancy [on LiveJournal]
2004-10-26 Servants [on LiveJournal]
2004-10-24 Vampires in Fantasy [on LiveJournal]
2004-10-23 Good Descriptive Prose [on LiveJournal]
2004-10-21 Disabled Characters [on LiveJournal]
2004-10-19 Shapeshifter Societies [on LiveJournal]
2004-10-17 Shapeshifters [on LiveJournal]
2004-10-15 Plotting a Fantasy Novel, Part 2 [on LiveJournal]
2004-10-12 Plotting a Fantasy Novel, Part 1 [on LiveJournal]
2004-10-10 Council Scenes [on LiveJournal]
2004-10-08 Daily Life, Part 2 [on LiveJournal]
2004-10-06 Daily Life, Part 1 [on LiveJournal]
2004-10-04 Writing Different Characters, Part 2 [on LiveJournal]
2004-10-01 Writing Different Characters, Part 1 [on LiveJournal]
2004-09-29 Good Fantasy Romances [on LiveJournal]
2004-09-27 Avoiding Medieval Fantasy, Part 2 [on LiveJournal]
2004-09-25 Avoiding Medieval Fantasy, Part 1 [on LiveJournal]
2004-09-22 Peasants [on LiveJournal]
2004-09-18 Royalty [on LiveJournal]
2004-09-15 Invisible Barriers [on LiveJournal]
2004-09-11 Merchants [on LiveJournal]
2004-09-08 Dungeons & Dragons Stereotypes [on LiveJournal]
2004-09-05 Frustrating Characters [on LiveJournal]
2004-09-02 Assassins [on LiveJournal]
2004-08-31 Thief Heroes [on LiveJournal]
2004-08-28 Fighter Heroes [on LiveJournal]
2004-08-26 Mage Heroes [on LiveJournal]
2004-08-24 Flaw-Scrubbing [on LiveJournal]
2004-08-21 Special Abilities [on LiveJournal]
2004-08-18 Suspense [on LiveJournal]
2004-08-17 Religious Questions, Part 2 [on LiveJournal]
2004-08-15 Religious Questions, Part 1 [on LiveJournal]
2004-08-13 Writing Without an Outline [on LiveJournal]
2004-08-11 Healers and Cures [on LiveJournal]
2004-08-09 Diseases [on LiveJournal]
2004-08-06 Rebel Groups, Part 2 [on LiveJournal]
2004-08-03 Rebel Groups, Part 1 [on LiveJournal]
2004-08-01 Throwing Out Conventional Ideas [on LiveJournal]
2004-07-30 Backstory [on LiveJournal]
2004-07-27 Bildungsroman [on LiveJournal]
2004-07-24 Avoiding Deus ex Machina [on LiveJournal]
2004-07-21 Beautiful Characters [on LiveJournal]
2004-07-19 Killing Protagonists [on LiveJournal]
2004-07-17 Redemption, Part 2 [on LiveJournal]
2004-07-16 Redemption, Part 1 [on LiveJournal]
2004-07-12 Bullies [on LiveJournal]
2004-07-10 Dynamic Protagonists [on LiveJournal]
2004-07-08 Angst vs. Tragedy [on LiveJournal]
2004-07-07 Limyaael's Ideal Fantasy Story [on LiveJournal]
2004-07-06 Storytelling Continued [on LiveJournal]
2004-07-03 Putting Stories/Poems in the Narrative [on LiveJournal]
2004-07-02 Culture-Building and Stories [on LiveJournal]
2004-07-01 Non-Monarchical Societies, Part 3 [on LiveJournal]
2004-06-29 Non-Monarchical Societies, Part 2 [on LiveJournal]
2004-06-28 Non-Monarchical Societies, Part 1 [on LiveJournal]
2004-06-26 Personal Advice About Writing [on LiveJournal]
2004-06-24 Mystery and Fantasy, Part 2 [on LiveJournal]
2004-06-22 Mystery and Fantasy, Part 1 [on LiveJournal]
2004-06-21 Inconsistency [on LiveJournal]
2004-06-18 Languages Continued [on LiveJournal]
2004-06-16 Long High Fantasy [on LiveJournal]
2004-06-14 Gay and Lesbian Characters [on LiveJournal]
2004-06-12 Why Would Your Characters... [on LiveJournal]
2004-06-10 Marion Zimmer Bradley [on LiveJournal]
2004-06-07 Stupid Plots [on LiveJournal]
2004-06-03 Viewpoint Errors [on LiveJournal]
2004-06-01 Perceptive Characters [on LiveJournal]
2004-05-25 Genealogy [on LiveJournal]
2004-05-23 Pacing and Action [on LiveJournal]
2004-05-21 Author's Darlings [on LiveJournal]
2004-05-20 Language Used Well [on LiveJournal]
2004-05-17 Abused Characters [on LiveJournal]
2004-05-07 Characters and Worlds [on LiveJournal]
2004-04-29 Heroines Done Wrong [on LiveJournal]
2004-04-25 Conversation Scenes [on LiveJournal]
2004-04-21 Avoiding Archetypes [on LiveJournal]
2004-04-17 Limitations [on LiveJournal]
2004-04-14 Change in Societies [on LiveJournal]
2004-04-11 Emotional Scenery, Part 2 [on LiveJournal]
2004-04-08 Emotional Scenery, Part 1 [on LiveJournal]
2004-04-05 Avoiding Infodumps [on LiveJournal]
2004-04-03 Standing on Ceremony [on LiveJournal]
2004-04-02 Changing Characters and Themes [on LiveJournal]
2004-04-01 Body-Centered Writing [on LiveJournal]
2004-03-30 Dark Fantasy [on LiveJournal]
2004-03-28 First-Person Fantasy [on LiveJournal]
2004-03-26 Secret Groups [on LiveJournal]
2004-03-25 Tolkien Clichés [on LiveJournal]
2004-03-24 Ordinary Heroes [on LiveJournal]
2004-03-23 Empathic Bonds [on LiveJournal]
2004-03-22 Telepathic Companions [on LiveJournal]
2004-03-20 Death [on LiveJournal]
2004-03-19 Sex in Fantasy Novels [on LiveJournal]
2004-03-16 Feminist Fantasy [on LiveJournal]
2004-03-15 Urban Fantasy [on LiveJournal]
2004-03-14 Crossover Fantasy [on LiveJournal]
2004-03-12 More Misused Words [on LiveJournal]
2004-03-11 Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation, Part 3 [on LiveJournal]
2004-03-09 Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation, Part 2 [on LiveJournal]
2004-03-07 Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation, Part 1 [on LiveJournal]
2004-03-04 Dreams [on LiveJournal]
2004-03-02 Names [on LiveJournal]
2004-02-29 Equal Time for Other Species [on LiveJournal]
2004-02-27 Grasslands [on LiveJournal]
2004-02-25 High Seas [on LiveJournal]
2004-02-24 Jungles [on LiveJournal]
2004-02-23 Deserts [on LiveJournal]
2004-02-19 Northern Environments [on LiveJournal]
2004-02-18 More Misused Words [on LiveJournal]
2004-02-17 Animals and Hunting [on LiveJournal]
2004-02-16 Beginnings Mid-Series [on LiveJournal]
2004-02-15 Endings Mid-Series [on LiveJournal]
2004-02-14 Endings [on LiveJournal]
2004-02-13 Character Introduction and Interaction [on LiveJournal]
2004-02-09 Planning and World-Building [on LiveJournal]
2004-02-08 Politics and Diplomacy [on LiveJournal]
2004-02-07 Dialogue [on LiveJournal]
2004-02-06 Misused Words in Fantasy [on LiveJournal]
2004-02-05 Art in a Fantasy Culture [on LiveJournal]
2004-02-04 Runaway Teenagers [on LiveJournal]
2004-02-03 Castles [on LiveJournal]
2004-02-02 History [on LiveJournal]
2004-02-01 Consequences [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-31 Speaking Styles [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-30 Parody Fantasy [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-29 Gods of Fantasy [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-28 Literature and Culture [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-27 Non-Human Languages [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-26 Hero's Occupation [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-25 Characterization of Protagonists, Part 3 [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-24 Half-Breed Heroes [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-23 Non-Humans in Fantasy, Part 2 [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-22 Non-Humans in Fantasy, Part 1 [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-21 Clarity, Explanations, and Metaphors [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-20 Ending Fantasy Books Without a Battle [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-19 Final Battles [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-18 Non-Final Warfare [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-17 Information In- and Out-of-Story [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-16 Viewpoint Structures [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-15 Pacing in Fantasy [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-14 Training the Heroes [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-13 Prologues [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-12 Beliefs and Prejudices [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-11 Titles [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-10 Descriptive Language [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-09 Modern Language in Fantasy [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-08 Quests and Quest Objects, Part 2 [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-07 Quests and Quest Objects, Part 1 [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-06 Characterization of Protagonists, Part 2 [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-05 Characterization of Protagonists, Part 1 [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-04 Intrigues [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-03 Authorial Distance from the Narrative [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-02 Romance in Fantasy [on LiveJournal]
2004-01-01 Villains [on LiveJournal]
2003-12-31 Dwarves [on LiveJournal]
2003-12-30 Elves [on LiveJournal]
2003-12-29 Medieval Societies [on LiveJournal]
2003-12-28 Geography [on LiveJournal]
2003-12-27 Weather [on LiveJournal]
2003-12-26 Astronomy [on LiveJournal]
2003-12-24 Dragons [on LiveJournal]
2003-12-23 Justice and the Legal System [on LiveJournal]
2003-12-22 Animals [on LiveJournal]
2003-12-21 Magic, Part 2 [on LiveJournal]
2003-12-20 Magic, Part 1 [on LiveJournal]
2003-12-19 Death and Weapons [on LiveJournal]
2003-12-18 Most Hated Fantasy Ideas [on LiveJournal]
2003-12-16 Religions [on LiveJournal]
2003-12-15 Secondary Characters [on LiveJournal]
2003-12-14 Languages [on LiveJournal]
2003-12-14 Teenagers in Fantasy [on LiveJournal]
2003-12-11 Hero's Childhood [on LiveJournal]
2003-12-10 Beginnings [on LiveJournal]
2003-12-10 Character Flaws in Profiles [on LiveJournal]
2003-12-07 What Makes a Good Fantasy [on LiveJournal]
2003-11-19 Ten Unpopular Fandom Opinions [on LiveJournal]
2003-11-13 Ten Pieces of Writing Advice [on LiveJournal]
2003-10-03 Original Characters in Fanfiction [on LiveJournal]
2003-08-08 Unfinished Works-in-Progress [on LiveJournal]
2003-07-10 Rules on Fantasy in General [on LiveJournal]
2003-07-03 Handling Angst [on LiveJournal]
2003-06-25 Writing Flawed Characters [on LiveJournal]
2003-06-15 Shapeshifting [on LiveJournal]
2003-06-11 Character Gender [on LiveJournal]
2003-06-11 Oversensitivity to Bad Reviews [on LiveJournal]
2003-06-10 Message Fantasy [on LiveJournal]
2003-06-06 Writing Non-Humans [on LiveJournal]
2003-05-30 Fiction and Reality [on LiveJournal]
2003-05-29 Building Fantasy Worlds [on LiveJournal]
2003-05-28 Creating Breathing Characters [on LiveJournal]
2003-05-27 Female Protagonists Who Do Not Suck [on LiveJournal]
2003-05-26 Not Writing Crap [on LiveJournal]
2003-05-24 Clichéd Fantasy [on LiveJournal]

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