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Shay's Works

Images related to the stories, comics, and other works Shay came up with on his own, including Protection, his oft-paused webcomic.

Subcategories: Battles of Celanara (1) | Comicollage (4) | Protection (34) | Roleplaying (6)

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Fan Art/Gifts

Images drawn from other people's creations, whether they be anime, books, cartoons, comics, webcomics, or any other medium.

Subcategories: Anime (7) | Cartoons (4) | Games (2) | Webcomics (2)

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Outside projects, art jams, and other gatherings of artistic work.

Subcategories: Illustration Friday (4)

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Works created for art classes, back in high school or perhaps even earlier.

Subcategories: none

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Works that can't really be fit into the above categories, and works so old I can't accurately categorize them.

Subcategories: People (15) | Practice (1) | Random (7) | Uncategorized (41)

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