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I love characters like Kurosaki Ichigo. He seems like he's got a bad attitude, but he'll protect the people he cares about with his life. And nobody out-bad-asses him for long. So he'll feature most prominently in my icon making, though other characters will of course turn up soon.


Bleach Icons

These icons are free for use, provided that you credit me for creating them.

Kurosaki Ichigo

Bad-Ass Brain Hurt by Stupid Doomed to Fail Eat Your Head Entire World Flesh Wound Intent Move Forward OMG Mustache Out-of-Body Experience Soul Slayer's Size Words Aren't Enough WTF?

Ishida Uryuu

Quincy Archer

Sado Yasutora

Cool Dork

Abarai Renji

Crush Your Skull

Arisawa Tatsuki

Fist of Death


By Your Side Last Mistake She Is My Hope